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She's your controversial figure. Not mine......
By:  Kyle (Orphaned)
Posted on: 07-06-2009 23:42.
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SA is a site that pretty much everyone here has enjoyed at some point in time. Should I not post an article at SA that rips on a public figure making national news?

Or because she's controversial I should feel obligated to play nice? Every time you crack a joke at Obama or link to an article about some shitty policy of his, are you specifically looking to start shit with Catfish? Was Slarti lookin to start shit when you guys got a good laugh when Hill Dog pulled a decided Palin like move and gave that stupid Red Button to the Russian foreign minister?

Do I know that certain things will get under someone's skin? Of course I do, but "play nice" hasn't been a policy at IHA for, what? How long has Russ been gone?

Or is this another case of whining about how the poor lil sexy white republican lady is just getting a bad jab from that angry old media?

Don't be so sensitive. You are not Sarah Palin.