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Would you use, for personal devices, what a corporate IT department would recommend @ work.....
By:  hype (Registered; 0)
Posted on: 07-15-2009 01:32.
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I'll give some background on this:

Recently I like to pick my personal technology not because of trends, or false security warnings, but rather because they just work for me.
A BlackBerry for email and phone use, a Mac for my preferred computer OS, a PS3 because of it's all-in-one media management.

Somethings I pick for no other reason than I think it's cool and like to have it because I'm lazy to a certain degree, like Apple TV.

So I was doing my daily readings of RSS feeds from various tech related sites, and I stumbled upon this article: http://www.blackberrycool.com/2009/07/study-exposes-flaws-in-iphone-and-strengths-in-blackberry/

Now I stepped back and thought, who the fuck cares? Why on earth would any BB-fanboy vs any iPhanboy want to argue this. "My phone is more secure in a corporate environment?!" so that's why you should have one?

If anything, this trend of IT recommended equipment has become a trend of things I tend to avoid now. Not because it's referral is from a department of usually smug-tech-savvy assholes, (no offense to anyone here as I'm sure you're not like that) but because it seems an IT department thrives off of complexity (maybe their job to do so?), because the end result is they end up looking like a more valuable "go-to" type department when problems arise.

A BlackBerry is secure, but so is every other smartphone on the market. I don't know of one that has been hacked, and almost every smart phone has some remote way of securing and deleting data if ever lost or stolen. And if they were worried of downloading and transferring of any unwarranted documents and company secrets, than do what 14% of IT departments did and ban the phone all together, because no matter what, where there is a will there is always a way, and in this technologically dependent society, that "way" is always quickly revealing it self.