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Come on Antoine! Yankees ain't going away any time soon.....
By:  Ellsworth Toohey (Orphaned)
Posted on: 07-22-2009 18:46.
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So let's compare:

Hitting- advantage Yankees
Pitching- slight advantage Red Sox. Now that Wakefield finished off his back, you have no choice but to call up Buchholz and slot him in the rotation.

Beckett vs. Burnett- Advantage Beckett
Lester vs. Sabathia- Advantage Sabathia
Penny vs. Joba- Advantage Joba
Pettitte vs. Smoltz- Advantage Pettitte. I vote Smoltz' arm falls off before Pettitte's.
Mitre or Aceves vs. Buchholz- Buchholz has been shell-shocked since his no hitter. I call it a draw.
Fielding- advantage Yankees- let's revisit this when you finally replace Nomar at short

Each position:

Catcher- Advantage Yankees- Tek can;t catch the splitter or the knuckler and Jorge has a higher BA.

1B- Push. But Tex has more homers than Youk.

2B- Cano. Less errors and a higher BA.

SS- Jeter. No contest here.

3B- A-Rod over Lowell

LF- Bay over Damon

CF- Draw- Cabrera has the bat, Ellsbury the speed.

RF- Drew over Swisher

Bullpen- Papelbon has lower ERA but Mo has more saves.

Bottom line- Yankees have what it takes to overcome the Red Sox.

Be afraid.