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The majority just want to be heard, and aren't well described.........
By:  Phred (Moderators; 60975)
Posted on: 08-07-2009 17:36.
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...by that stupid cunt trying to pretend they're a bunch of Nazis.

I expect a few fringe looneys and the typical radio commentators to misbehave, but shouldn't our representatives at least pretend that they're not cut from the same cloth?

So we've got the Prez pulling Chicago-style bullshit, stacking the audiences, shutting out citizens, pretending to hold open meetings, and the SOTH trying to make anyone who's not sucking his cock out to be a Nazi. Yet you refuse to hear any of that and take yet another opportunity to bash Rush and the far right fringe.

Par for the sad fucking course.

Fauxcahontas/Spartacus 2020