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WTF did he do so well?.....
By:  Glenn (Mini-Admins; 18195)
Posted on: 08-26-2009 15:16.
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    Antoine Doinel scribbled on a napkin:
    ... and distill 50 years into one sentence.

He seems to have done everything you rant against.

He was on the Sadam bandwagon when it was popular
He was all behind Obama
Main 2 you spew about in my recent memory.

But go on and "white wash" his career.
I am sorry for his loved ones and I hope he didn't suffer. But I fail to see what good he did other than for himself. To me he is a classic example of why senator terms should be limited to no more than 3. Add his name to Helms, Byrd, and that old fart from S.C. as far as I am concerned.