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Yes, the assumption was that Iraq was tied to 9-11, hence, the invasion........
By:  Willie Joker (Regulars; 1014)
Posted on: 08-26-2009 17:52.
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Either ALL intelligence services got it wrong (hard to believe the countries that didn't invade knew better) or someone lied for political purposes to invade Iraq.

Given that the administration was so intent on getting Saudis out of the nation when all flights were grounded leads one to suspect it was all a ploy to get Saddam at any possible cost.

I'm sure the French, Germans, Russians, and Chinese are loving it all now. The worst part being we borrowed money from the Chinese to finance the fruitless invasion.

If a Palestinian goes into Israel and blows himself up do the Israelis go bombing Moscow? It seems we should have punished the Saudis and not the Iraqis, but, how do you punish someone who supplies a great deal of your energy and buys your weapons in return with the dollars they earn from selling you that energy?

It doesn't seem far fetched to think that CIA (a political arms of the administration) would be capable of fabricating evidence given CIA's involvment in the past of bringing down legitimate governments. After all, CIA is appointed to protect American interests whatever the cost, right or wrong, legitimate or not.