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There lies the rub.........
By:  Willie Joker (Regulars; 1014)
Posted on: 08-26-2009 20:23.
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Do we necessarily trust our own government to tell the truth and not fire up the propaganda machine simply because we don't want to believe our own leaders would lie just to get us to march to war? It's our country, after all, they couldn't possibly have an agenda that contradicts what we stand for, right? The United States could never be a first-strike nation, that's only for dictators and other tyrannical regimes. Obviously there were WMDs because our leaders said so, and, Saddam simply rolled a d20, got a 19, and cast the cloak of invisibiliy to wipe them all out in a matter of 4-6 weeks.

Really, honestly, the WMDs are still there, our leaders since 1992 told us that so that makes everyone else a liar.

Or does it make us sleep better at night to simply call those who oppose our schemes (right and wrong) anti-American and unpatriotic?

Oof, that hurts.