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I'm not assigning blame to one party........
By:  Willie Joker (Regulars; 1014)
Posted on: 08-26-2009 21:48.
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After all, once a nation's path is set it's hard to move from that path...nearly impossible considering someone had to be blamed for 9-11 and it just made it too convenient to blame Iraq and it would have been political suicide to go after the Saudis. The military was set in motion to invade, even if every government in the world said there was no proof or evidence of WMDs in Iraq we still would have invaded because that was Bush's and Cheney's agenda.

I tell you one thing: without the fear and pandamonium that set post 9-11 this Iraq and Afghanistan mess wouldn't have happened...or perhaps something would have been engineered to make it happen.

After all, those who lobby the most get the most benefits from our government. Obviously the Iraqi lobby was not very successful compared to the Saudi lobby on the hill.

Intelligence is little more than a guessing game of twists and turns that can be twisted to fit any agenda. Wanna bomb someone? Just find a shred of evidence they did something wrong in the past and make it fit the present to benefit the agenda of whomever is in the White House to avoid the appearance of being an appeaser. We obviously had some axe to grind with Saddam and both parties were just too eager to salivate over the bloodied remains of who was once one of our biggest allies.

Perhaps next time we ought to really have a good reason before launching a war instead of going on cooked evidence. I dunno, I just don't think we're going to learn from this one either.