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I agree with the bulk of that.........
By:  Phred (Moderators; 60975)
Posted on: 08-26-2009 21:55.
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...but there were significant reasons used to justify the invasion of Iraq in addition to any WMDs and connections to 9-11. I'm not saying it's justified, just that that's the way it was. The axe to grind with Saddam was (among other things) the decade-plus string of violations of the cease-fire.

We probably would have gone alone with it, as most did oppose it, but the saddest aspect to that is that nobody else had any viable solutions. The sanctions were fairly oppressive, and the most vocal dissenters were making bank off of circumventing the failed UN embargo.

I don't think that our government learns from any of their fuckups - we've seen ample demonstrations of that recently. I was mainly referring to them using their own failures as political leverage against the other party, as irrational as it really is, and most of their supporters just go right along with it.

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