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That's fine.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21137)
Posted on: 11-13-2009 19:20.
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But only if the churches are willing to go on their own. The government has every right to decide who it awards contracts to, and to place requirements on getting those contracts. Just because it is a church doesn't mean they can say "We don't want to abide by your terms but you have to award us the contract anyhow."

There's also the issue of tax exempt status. If you wish to run an organization that is exempt from taxes, well the government can also place requirements on that. Other non-profit groups have requirements on what they can and can't do an how they must be run. If they don't like those requirements, they can pay taxes like everyone else.

So if a church wants to pay taxes and not have government contracts, sure do as you please so long as it doesn't violate the law. However if you want a break from the government, well then the government has a right to put conditions on that.