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Another post defending rapists. Nice......
By:  Kyle (Orphaned)
Posted on: 11-13-2009 20:20.
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Take your own advice and look up some facts on the case. Along with the prank caller were other confirmed calls. This and their association with Warren Jeffs led to the raid.

So far one of their leaders has been convicted.

They're right wing and "doing the work of da lawd". You defend them.

You're exactly like Catfish from two years ago. Down to defending rapists due to "legal means".

Polanski? "I question the timing and legal rulings of the judge. This rapist must go free! He's made tons of great movies!"

YFZ Ranch? "I question the grounds on the raid and the legal rulings of the judge. These rapists must go free! They're Christians!"

You're fucked in the head.

I feel bad for your kid. Hope he never attends a Catholic church.

Edited by Kyle at 11/13/2009 8:23:09 PM