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I do like how the R's are using the fear cards to try to stop this.....
By:  Glenn (Mini-Admins; 18195)
Posted on: 12-21-2009 17:05.
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yet for 8 years they did not do a GODDAMN thing about health care. I want all of them out! 3 term limit on senate and house reps! No it's not perfect but having been without health ins. for 6 months and having to get the kids on medicaid till I did get back on it sucks. That and the most affordable I can find is over $800 a month for a family of 4!!! I am lucky that I found a job where they pay for my health ins but this is not the norm for most people.

OK rant over back to happy holiday feelings

    Antoine Doinel flipped a coin and posted:
    ... our government was run by crazy people.

    Now, they were whores just like the current crew but they were also crazy. We need to come to that realization.