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J00 iz p0rjecting! [nt].....
By:  Progressivebreaks (Grumpy Bear; 17085)
Posted on: 08-04-2010 21:31.
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    Zimphire imparted these words:

      Sycraft scribbled on a napkin:
      Of this always the victim attitude you have.

    There is no "victim attitude" no one is being a "crybaby" no one is looking to get "more attention"

    You making light of such things trying to pass valid complaints off as "whining" or you are just "playing victim" isn't fixing things. It's just making people MORE hostile.

      Funny thing, again I'm not the only one to notice this. I warn wacky a couple times, twice as far as I can remember and find, never threatening him with anything. I explain myself, and he's fine. You, on the other hand, can't seem to let it go and keep whining about fairness. It's really wearing on my nerves.

    Then start actually being consistent and fair. Your nerves will fix itself.

    And I am not the only one that has noticed your inconsistency when dealing with people.

    I am willing to believe you don't do it on purpose. That maybe you don't see it. And that is ok.

    But you do have a habit of trying to belittle and project things onto people that have a valid complaint about how things are being ran.

    This isn't me trying to "make fun of you" or whatever. This isn't me trying to play the victim, this isn't me whining, or any other silly projection you use to try to belittle a valid complaint.

    This is a few of us having a valid complaint.

    You would think the way you respond in such a defensive way, that no one had any valid complaints, and we should just shut up and stop whining.

    Edited by Zimphire at 6/9/2005 12:51:44 AM