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gizmodo made a good article about that photo......
By:  Tendenzi (Canadian; 4273)
Posted on: 08-27-2011 01:30.
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Why I Won’t Post that Photo of Steve Jobs
There is a photo floating around the Internet of Steve Jobs looking very ill. It's shocking. You won't find it here. I'm not posting it. Instead, I'm posting a picture of myself that was also snapped unexpectedly. See above.

This isn't about journalism or ethics or taste. We have violated those precepts before to bring you a story, and we'd do it again. But this time it just feels gross.

And have you been reading Gizmodo this week? It's been soooo good. Great reaction to news. Funny stories. Gobs of awesome gadgets. I have to read this shit for a living, and I've been grinning from ear to ear, laughing out loud multiple times a day. It feels good to make something that makes you feel good. This photo doesn't make me feel good.

I'm being selfish.

Thing is, this photograph is news. 100-percent; that's why it's all over the Internet. Steve Jobs looks bad, and investors will likely take that into account when deciding what to do with their stocks. Industry analysts will write reports. You probably want to see the picture. You're probably going to go Google it right now. Let me save you the trouble: It's on TMZ.

But, like I said, you're not gonna find it here. You have other things to read about. There's a hurricane coming, and many you have to start freaking out about it. There are $100 HP Touchpads out there somewhere. Go hack one.

And there's a new iPhone somewhere in the world; its photos want to be leaked. To us. Please go find it.

Have a great weekend.



Please do not post the photo in the comments. I will ban you.

---- article end------