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Well, since it's not blindingly obvious to you........
By:  Robert_Wyatt (Gamers; 7834)
Posted on: 10-05-2011 22:01.
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For one, she thinks she can "afford" college. For the second, she lacks understanding that those affected by the shitastic economy are only "art students". Or that "working hard" is the solution to the problem. Or that people being laid off and remain unemployed are lazy, or deserved it, or did it to themselves. That they didn't have "real jobs" because they didn't try, and not because the job market is shit right now.

She's gonna get a hard dose of reality when she graduates and is still stuck with that debt and that min wage job. Will she follow her own advice and blame herself? Probably not. Probably gonna blame the poor, or the illegal immigrants, or Obama.

My parents lost their business of 30 years because some fag in Wall Street wanted to play fast and loose.

She can be smug in her ignorance.

Rick would always be wearing double denim and have his T-tops off no matter the temps, playing white snake as loud as possible and speculating on whether he should remove his louvers or not for a different look. Tony on the other hand just got his custom pearl white GT's glass tinted so dark that he even admits that he can't actually see out of his vehicle anytime past noon, but that's ok because of the Kicker he installed in back people can hear him coming from 1.2miles away. They both share the same STD, but speculation varies wildly on how that came to be.