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just going to ask:.....
By:  Tendenzi (Canadian; 4273)
Posted on: 10-05-2011 23:02.
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Kyle, I'm just going to ask this and see where you think it stands.

A company, needs initial money to start up. It needs a vision, a business plan, a general overall direction. People who earn anything over $1 million a year are not undeserving.

The person with the vision, plan and capital to execute, grow the company and develop it to employ people should never be underestimated. This has happened a lot with many people who are even less educated than the lowest people on their employee hierarchy. However, it doesn't make anyone working for the person(s) who started it all any more entitled to whatever salaries or profits are collected from their work.

A good employer may offer some profit sharing programs, stock incentives, etc. and as you mentioned you come from a story of your parents being screwed out of their business by a bad choice... had they succeeded would your opinions have been different today? your parents and the wall street investor would have reaped the benefits of the risk they had to take. because as you can see as rich as someone can get, everything can quickly escape them too.

Would your parents not have deserved/earned what they could have made?