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And we still can't answer a fundamental question ........
By:  Catfish (The Marxist currently known as Catfish; 47556)
Posted on: 11-08-2011 19:06.
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... assuming we agree that the current crony corporatist system is flat out broken how do we move forward?

At the ballot box?
I was listening to Hillary pimp for the Egyptian military this morning. We've got her handing it all over to the Keystone pipeline.
I know, what can go wrong. After all the plan was vetted by a corporation named by TransCanada who count TransCanada as one of its largest clients but if anything were the least underhanded we would have certainly heard from the Black Bush.

So you get a Democratic Leadership Council corporate stooge or pick one from the right ... many of whom are drunk or mentally ill.

I suppose I can make a choice at the local level. Elizabeth Warren talks a good game till she starts flapping about the ginned up Iranian assassination plot. In fact, like the Black Bush, talk is her only bona fide.

Or there's Kerry who is helping Patty Murray make sure the super committee doesn't cut into defense spending. Bad for the economy and we have to fight the war on terror.

Damn, I went down to vote in my local election and half the incumbents were unopposed. We did manage to get a measure on the ballot to restructure and downsize town government and that might be a modest gain.

So where do we go? Into some Libertarian Lugwig von Mise fever dream that pretends a few billion individual actors can construct a just equitable government? Sorry pal, the invisible hand is in the collection plate again.

No, we'll keep increasing the wealth discrepancy until shit hits the fan because we allow ourselves, like a bunch of fucking pussies, to be controlled by an oligarchy that has a steady bullshit media IV straight into the communal vein.