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Well you are a slick, wiggly mo-fo I'll give you that......
By:  Sydwyndir (Gun Toting Right-wing Goon; 8478)
Posted on: 11-08-2011 20:04.
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Let me take a snapshot of this event and show you the photo negative and you tell me whether or not this is fucked up:

Some people open a lemonade stand at a Tea Party event. 50, 60 people there. They're givin' out lemonade. Then, suddenly, 300+ people show up and are there for weeks and all of them are demanding lemonade. So those lemonade stand people say "Man we're going to have to charge for this" and that bunch of scurrilous teabaggers throw blood, shit and piss all over their property.


Does...does that seem even remotely on-target for you? Or should I maybe, I don't know...take the high road and say "golly that was fucked up and the people who did that are a bunch of shitheels who should get slapped with fines or arrested at the very least". You tell me. Because what I'm seeing here is the livelihood of people who are very probably in the beloved "99%" who had their fucking sole source of income ruined by some assbags in the name of la revolucion.

What I'm not seeing is a good time and place to talk about hey hey ho ho capitalists have got to go.

All I'd like to see/hear is a little bit of honesty. Either you think this was a fucked up thing to happen to these people who made the unforgivable mistake of breaking with the Central Committee's desire for free hotdogs, or you don't. What I get from Catfish is that these guys were oligarchs, or something? And from you that what happened to them "wasn't assault", so just dancing around the subject.

I won't hold out for anything other than metaphoric digging of toes in sand or blaming the victims here, so just type whatever.


Thank you, Gary Gygax.
I am not going to live in fear. They want my freedom, my peace of mind? Come and get it. - James Lileks, regarding al Qaeda, 09/11