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Well, we can admit or not admit things all day long........
By:  Phred (Moderators; 60975)
Posted on: 11-08-2011 20:06.
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...and all you'll do is cartoonishly exaggerate any opposition to your fairly textbook hardcore party-line socialist mantras of more government, more government, more government, without any attempts to improve said government other than 'like they could control costs and stuff.'

Everything government does is way more expensive than anything the 'magic of the market' can bring to bear on a problem. I'm not anywhere close to a doctrinaire Libertarian, I just see the futility in looking to the same assholes who failed to properly regulate everything to fix the problems. It's not over or under, it's shitregulaton. They suck at it, and you want them to add more rules without ever demonstrating that they know what they're doing.

Now back to our regularly scheduled attempts to pretend the market is completely unregulated, and that's what anyone right of Mao wants...

Fauxcahontas/Spartacus 2020