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Rather a jackass than a myopic white bread asshole......
By:  Robert_Wyatt (Gamers; 7823)
Posted on: 03-31-2012 23:15.
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It's funny that my disagreement with you illicits nasty, hyperbolic, responses.

You don't "suport random violence" but you sure as hell support the system that encourages it, don't ya? You don't want to take responsibility for that because it could mean less privilege for you. Same reason the idea that an obvious murderer getting his comeuppance from outside that system disturbs you.

So you think Zimmerman is guilty, and if he walks scott free then, hey, thems the breaks? We got a good system here. It only fails minorities and the poor, right?

Yeah. Good system we got there.

But, really. Let's take a look at our two POVs and their most obvious consequences.

Yours resulted in the death of an unarmed teenager. Mine will result in his murderers punishment only if the system fails to adequately prosecute the murderer (which is currently the case).

It takes a certain kinda individual to champion a system as good when there's a heated, national, debate over a critical failure.

We have examples of these critical failures constantly. Yet we have a "good" system. Beyond me how you can reconcile the two together.

(also, it's the first Amendment that guarantees Speech, not the 13th, 14th, 19th, etc)

Rick would always be wearing double denim and have his T-tops off no matter the temps, playing white snake as loud as possible and speculating on whether he should remove his louvers or not for a different look. Tony on the other hand just got his custom pearl white GT's glass tinted so dark that he even admits that he can't actually see out of his vehicle anytime past noon, but that's ok because of the Kicker he installed in back people can hear him coming from 1.2miles away. They both share the same STD, but speculation varies wildly on how that came to be.