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Yes we have a good system.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21098)
Posted on: 03-31-2012 23:31.
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If you want a perfect system, well sorry you can't have one. There is no such thing and there never will be so long as humans are involved. We certainly have a better system than a revolution where anyone that the revolutionaries decide are too "privileged" get killed.

You think the US is the only society with racism? You ever been anywhere else and done a little digging? Racism is a human condition, yes even (perhaps especially) in your communist paradises. Ask the former soviet republics how good life was when your internal passport designated you as something other than "Great Russian". Or maybe just ask yourself why such a thing would be designated at all.

Yes, problem happen in the US. They happen everywhere. What we can do is what we are doing: Bring them in to the light, talk about them, and try to solve them. We don't take up arms and start shooting people, particularly since that was the whole problem in the first place.

Frankly I really think all this reveals is that you need to go get counseling. I don't think your completely inappropriate and irrational reaction to this has anything to do with any real beliefs, but rather because you are angry/depressed about something else and you are projecting it on to this.