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Robert needs a new sandwich board........
By:  Bender (Regulars; 4325)
Posted on: 04-01-2012 00:48.
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...because the faux outrage of one minority going after another is getting kind of old

When you have a liberal minority going after anotehr it causes total meltdown on the left and they still have to find a way to blame crackerjacks. Problem is where is the outrage when the perpetrator is also black? Where's Robert's demand for justice in that case? Is he a racist because when the perp and victims are both black then he doesn't give a damn?

We need to have him read Public Law 94-311 which in 1976 established "Hispanic" as a racial group that is mandated by Federal law to be counted and considered...this is why we have Spanish vote pamphlets, etc.

If Zimmerman isn't Hispanic because he has one white parent then my son isn't Asian either.