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What stupid statement was that? .....
By:  Tendenzi (Canadian; 4273)
Posted on: 08-17-2012 16:05.
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    Ordeith imparted these words:
    So I am going to call BS on that one, the proof is in the writing.


Here we go again, quote and comprehend what I said and re-tell me what you believe was said.

For that matter, what tablet device do you own? If I want to say a stylus is great for the iPad, how is that anything to do with digitzers and whatever bullshit you said? I didn't say it was better than, so your contribution is completely useless because you assume I'm talking about something in a position of which I didn't take.

I believe Paul was looking to "confirm utility" I described several different methods that surprised how useful the iPad could be beyond what I expected from it.

If you have a problem with statements like this, maybe the conversation isn't for you. Why don't you wait for the ones that actually require your stupid bias.