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Dish/take based on the arguments being presented is fine. Personal attacks aren't cool.........
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 23296)
Posted on: 07-03-2016 11:25.
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yeah we can take it, but once someone goes ad hominem, the thread is pretty much finished. But the attacks aren't forgotten, and they can and will be used later.

I'm not the forum referee, but if I was I'd issue a warning to all sides.

He shouldn't have said that about your business burning down.

But on the other hand, it does sometimes appear that you simply won't let the man talk. Give him a break. He's got something to say, and he's outnumbered here by all these 'muricans. That has to be taken into account.