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By:  Progressivebreaks (Grumpy Bear; 17085)
Posted on: 02-22-2017 15:18.
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1) I meant the other thread:

2) I meant the other thread:

3) Dude, do you really think linking to and drawing comparisons to me in some some weird Sun article somehow upset or "needled" me? Or pissed me off? Why would it?

It was just another slightly bizarre and unfunny attempt at trolling me. And as I said before, if anything, it amused me that you seem to spend so much time thinking about how to bother me.

To clarify, that doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humour. It just means I don't find you funny. That doesn't mean you've pissed me off.

Also, I don't think I'm being pompous FWIW, but whatever turns you on.
And yes, I'm very much enjoying my pint thank you.


    novanglus imparted these words:

    ...1) You should probably reread that thread. I made two statements, one noting that someone fucked up a 911 in a movie, like the one Glenn posted, and two, noting that Tawny Kitaen was not your thing. Neither insinuated I currently find that film the bee's knees.

    2) I noted the film came out when I was 15, because that is when I saw it. Thus, I clearly was not an adult at the time. Therefore , my enjoyment of that film at the time would be rooted in my juvenile sense of humo(u)r, much like that of the juvenile behavior of mooning a building simply because the word Trump is on it.

    3) I tagged you in the goofy article (note: they weren't married, just dating) for the sole reason that I knew you would react just like this. It would piss you off and then you would emote your way into an argument in which your basis is entirely what you infer, rather than the words actually written. Again, reread the two statements.

    Lastly, yep, I enjoy needling you into behaving like a pompous Brit. Enjoy your pint, Princess.