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Well, the straw man bizarro extreme about "all" protesters being dems/libs/progs........
By:  Phred (Moderators; 60975)
Posted on: 02-24-2017 13:45.
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...is kind of silly. He didn't say that, and anyone with half a brain would recognize that it's mostly the case anyways. Also, it's not "cherry picking" his words to defend what he actually said vs. what you would like to imagine he meant based on our history here.

You don't have to agree with him in order to not pile on the straw. The mooning is funny. It's a little childish. I'm sure it's virtually all left-leaning folks (I didn't see anyone bussed in on the way to CPAC, but I suppose it's possible). It's also not that big of a deal.

I'm just tired of the frequent bizarro extreme straw man retorts around here. I guess I should just be happy it wasn't me for a change.

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